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WIPO adopts a treaty on Intellectual Property, genetic resources and associated traditional knowledge

The first Treaty on genetic resources and associated traditional knowledge of Indigenous People and local communities was adopted last week at the Diplomatic Conference organised by WIPO.

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Exciting News Alert!

📚✨ Exciting News Alert! 🌍 The Global Advertising Lawyers Alliance just released the third edition of “Advertising Law: A Global Legal Perspective”! 🚀 This comprehensive guide provides insights into advertising and marketing laws across 75+ countries, and we’re honoured to be contributors. 💼 📖 Hard copies of the guide are now available for purchase on Amazon. Prefer digital? Reach out to your trusted GALA

Do you want to know more about regulation and case law on advertising and marketing in Spain?

Our partners Carolina Montero and Ruben Canales provide the bullet points of this amazing subject, with a very precise and direct analysis contained in the General Guide for Advertising and Marketing published by Lexology. Great job guys 👏👏👏👏

Do you want to know better our partner @Patricia Revuelta?

Do you want to know better our partner @Patricia Revuelta? Patricia has been interviewed by the prestigious Managing IP. Read here the interview

Iberian Lawyer IP & TMT Awards 2023

gala global advertising lawyers

GALA: Ignacio Temiño, Commercial Brochure not Protected by Copyright in Spain

Copyright is not an exact science, it depends on the particular features of the author’s work, we all know that. However, some works are more difficult to judge than others, and the opinion about its legal protection may change from our court to another….

expansion diario económico

Carolina Montero in Expansión: How to register a “hashtag” to strengthen your brand

For Carolina Montero, a lawyer specializing in industrial property at Abril Abogados, this type of registration “can be a very useful marketing tool for certain advertising campaigns, to promote products and services of certain brands.

expansion diario económico

Expansión: How do fictional characters outlive their authors

Ignacio Temiño, managing partner of Abril Abogados, highlights another relevant issue in this type of case. “One aspect to take into account is that fictional characters will enjoy protection as long as they are well defined and have their own peculiarities and characteristics that make them unmistakable in the eyes of the general public”.

el derecho grupo francis lefebvre

El Derecho: Experts in the sector give their opinion on the new Patent Law

The new regulation on patent matters came into force on April 1 with some novelties such as the establishment of a single granting procedure that entails the reduction of administrative burdens or the suppression of additions to patents as they have little practical use, among other changes introduced.

expansion diario económico

Expansión: Why Cristiano Ronaldo could profit from his celebrations

… Ignacio Temiño, managing partner of Abril Abogados, is also convinced of the possibility of carrying out these two registries, although he believes that the movement registry could be somewhat more complicated, as it is a less frequent type of registry and to which the team tends to object more…

cadena ser

Ignacio Temiño in Cadena Ser: Plagiarism in the academic field, a growing problem?

Víctor Gómez, Rey Juan Carlos university student and president of the Rise-up student association recounts the mobilization of part of the student body in the face of the rector’s scandal.

fumar mata

Expansión: Legal battle for the image rights of tobacco packs

“I do not doubt the difficulty of the case, but I do not quite share the result. In this matter, the conflict affects fundamental rights and the Commission must ensure a reasonable balance in the prosecution of cases, so that no one is discriminated against”.

actualidad juridica aranzadi

Alvaro Ramos in Actualidad Jurídica Aranzadi: Novelties 2016 in Privacy and Cybersecurity

The approval of the new General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) It will mean a big change for all companies that process personal data.

cuaderno de propiedad intelectual

El Derecho: Intellectual Property Notebook with the latest news on the subject

The Intellectual Property Notebook gathers the opinion of some of the top experts on Intellectual Property in our country. The work includes the articles and opinions of professionals and specialized offices such as Abril Abogados.

jorge oria abril abogados

Jorge Oria in Expansión: What law does Google’s autonomous car need to circulate in Spain

For Jorge Oria, a lawyer from the firm Abril Abogados, this step, although it may seem anecdotal, is essential to better understand the phenomenon and the problems that may arise from this technology.

el blog de cedro

Ignacio Temiño: Some notes on plagiarism

The first use referred to plagiarism as a behavior of appropriation of the intellectual creation of others is attributed to the Roman poet Marcial, who suffered the “theft” of several of his epigrams.

rtve a la carta

Ignacio Temiño in RTVE

History is full of literary plagiarism. Ignacio Temiño, an expert in intellectual property, explains in detail what plagiarism is, how to detect it and what to do in the face of this violation of copyright.

legal today por y para abogados

Abril Abogados in Legal Today: The Trade Secrets Protection Directive comes into force

Directive (EU) 2016/943 of the European Parliament and of the Council of June 8, 2016, on the protection of undisclosed know-how and business information (trade secrets) against obtaining, illicit use and disclosure (hereinafter the Trade Secrets Directive) enters into force on July 5, giving Member States until June 9, 2018 to transpose it into their

bbtv youtube ignacio

Ignacio Temiño live on the Jose Recruiter BBTV channel

Next Thursday, June 23, Ignacio Temiño will participate live on the Jose Recruiter BBTV YouTube channel, commenting on the legislation applicable to software.

expansion diario económico

Abril Abogados in Expansión: Doubts about the judicial protection of “star brands”

The lawyer from Abril Abogados has no doubt that this type of decision serves to set a precedent, to which well-known trademarks will cling to defend their distinctive signs.

la ley

The Law: Commentary on the judgment of the National Court in the Youkioske case by Rubén Canales and Ignacio Temiño

This article comments on the ruling issued by the Criminal Chamber of the National High Court on February 5, 2016 in the matter of the illegal download website “youkioske”.

el derecho grupo francis lefebvre

Law firms analyze the evolution of intellectual property

The Law, on the day that the International Intellectual Property Day is celebrated, and coinciding with the activities organized by the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO), answers these questions by consulting the main experts in the field. Link here.

expansion diario económico

Ignacio Temiño in Expansión: Scented brands arrive

Ignacio Temiño comments for expansion the entry into force of the Community Regulation.

carolina montero abril abogados

Carolina Montero in Lexology: The K-Swiss Stripes

On December 4, in the judgment of case T-3/15, the General Court confirmed that the K-Swiss trademark application consisting of two series of five parallel lines lacked distinctive character.


Jorge Oria in Lexology: Bankrupted? No valid reason to stop using your trademark

The Spanish High Court has recently issued a decisión (cassation appeal) confirming that insolvency proceedings are not a valid reason to justify non-use of a trademark. It is the 22nd December ruling.

fernando ortega abril abogados

Fernando Ortega in Lexology: RED BULL vs. OSBORNE

On December 9, 2015, the 3rd Chamber of the Supreme Court has issued a sentence whose outcome has caught our attention.

managing intellectual property

Ignacio Temiño in Managing Intellectual Property: Spain Cracks down on IP crime

Changes to the Spanish criminal code, related to online piracy, copyright infringement and anti-counterfeiting activities, together with big operations conducted by the authorities will change the way the country tackles IP crime […]

periódico el pais digital

Find out if your WiFi is being stolen – El País: Jorge Oria

Find out if your WiFi is being stolen in two steps and how to avoid it: “The theft of WiFi represents an administrative offense punishable by a financial penalty only when it exceeds 400 euros in billing, explains Jorge Oria of the Abril Abogados office.”

legal today por y para abogados

Abril Abogados in Legaltoday: Alvaro Ramos Suárez, Lego miniature figures consolidate as three-dimensional brands

Lego gets the Court of Justice of the European Union to dismiss the annulments against its three-dimensional trademarks corresponding to the miniature figures, specifically the Community Trademark 50518 and 50450, represented below.

legal today por y para abogados

Abril Abogados in Legaltoday: Alvaro Ramos Suárez, Advances in the new Community Data Protection Regulation

After three years of negotiations, this regulation proposal will now be submitted to the corresponding round of talks with the European Control Authorities, but it is expected that it will be definitively approved before the end of 2015.

plagio en los derechos de autor

Plagiarism in Copyright: New book by Ignacio Temiño Ceniceros

The work offers an in-depth analysis of plagiarism in the light of Spanish civil and criminal law, examining the most controversial issues, with an in-depth study of Spanish and foreign jurisprudence and from a current and practical perspective that takes into account legislative changes. latest on the subject.

legal today por y para abogados

Abril Abogados in Legaltoday: Alvaro Ramos Suárez, Denominations of Origin

On May 12, Law 6/2015 on Protected Designations of Origin and Protected Geographical Indications of a supra-autonomous territorial scope was published, entering into force twenty days after its publication in the Official State Gazette. This regulation establishes a single legal regime for both Protected Designations of Origin.

abogado in house

Abril Abogados in the First Edition of the Advanced Lawyer Program in House organized by iiR Spain and Comillas Pontifical University

Ignacio Temiño will participate in the First Edition of the Advanced Lawyer Program in House organized by iiR Spain (Institute for Research Resources) and Comillas Pontifical University, which will be held on October 1, 2, 22 and 23, 2015, in Madrid. Ignacio, will teach the Industrial and Intellectual Property module.

jorge oria abril abogados

Jorge Oria in Actualidad Jurídica Aranzadi: The disappearance of coverage marks in Spanish practice

The ruling of the Supreme Court in the DENSO case of October 14, 2014 constitutes the official death certificate of the doctrine of coverage marks in Spain, in force in the jurisprudence for almost 100 years since its appearance in article 273 of the already disappeared Industrial Property Statute of 1929. Thus, the ownership of

la ley

Ignacio Temiño in La Ley: Commentary on the judgment of the National High Court of March 5, 2015, Youkioske case

The sentence that is the subject of this comment is the most relevant that has been handed down in Spain in recent years against digital piracy, and probably the one that imposes a greater sanction, as the defendants are sentenced to six years in prison. It is a decision that analyzes in depth the elements

Alvaro Ramos

Preliminary Question: Recordings in private homes that film the public thoroughfare are not considered domestic

Legal News Aranzadi, num. 897, January 8, 2015. Álvaro Ramos Suárez The Court of Justice of the European Union, in response to a preliminary ruling, considers that the recordings made by security cameras in private homes that film part of the public thoroughfare do not constitute data processing carried out in the exercise of exclusively

actualidad juridica aranzadi

Jorge Oria in Legal News Aranzadi

The Judgment of the AP of Madrid of May 5, 2014: some basic concepts in Industrial Property and Unfair Competition.

el diario punto es

Ignacio Temiño in

¿Por qué se llama Apple Watch? En parte, porque Tim Cook no quiere líos. …In order to have the right to a trademark, it must be registered in the competent national office and, for this, nobody must have done it before in that same place, he explains to the industrial property lawyer Ignacio Temiño…

Alvaro Ramos

Alvaro Ramos Suárez in Thomson Reuters

The Supreme Court has declared null the dismissal of a supermarket cashier who was recorded by security cameras avoiding the scanning of various products for the benefit of a buyer (See communication from the Judicial Power).

ruben canales

Ruben Canales on the CEDRO blog: Authors and publishers against the LSSI

Beyond an adequate privacy policy that must be incorporated by any web page that collects personal data from its users in accordance with the Organic Law on Data Protection, the Law on Services of the Information Society and Electronic Commerce, better known as LSSI, it imposes a series of obligations on those who carry out

actualidad juridica aranzadi

Alvaro Ramos in Actualidad Jurídica Aranzadi

The creation and commercialization of P2P file sharing programs is legal: Soto Case.


The Innovation, Technology & Intellectual Property recommends Abril Abogados

Ignacio Temiño, Carlos González Valdés and Salvador Diaz Prades referenced by MagDecideurs.

el correo

Alvaro Ramos in El Correo

Alvaro Ramos comments on the ruling of the CJEU that considers that Google must remove links to information published in the past if it is proven that they harm a citizen and are no longer relevant.

revista rose

Publication of the second issue of Rose magazine with which Abril Abogados collaborates

The second issue of Rose magazine, created mainly for women cancer patients, has been published. From Abril Abogados we provide legal advice to the magazine.

carlos gonzalez

Expansión: law stars

Our partner Carlos González has been named an eminent partner by Chambers.

Alvaro Ramos

The new European Data Protection Regulation could arrive in the first half of this year. Lexology

The European Parliament proposes updating the data protection regulations through two proposals.


Abril Abogados in Lexology

The General Court rejects two new positional Community Trademarks.