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the firm abril abogados

Abril Abogados was born as a professional firm in 2001, acquiring in a short time an outstanding and consolidated position in the field of legal and registry services in matters of Industrial and Intellectual Property Law.

The experience and knowledge of the market on the part of the founders, acquired through their years of work and training in this area, has allowed Abril Abogados to be one of the fastest growing firms in the shortest space of time, in the Spanish legal sector. .

Currently, the work team exceeds forty people, distributed in six offices located in the most relevant Spanish cities.

Added Value

We are industrial property agents, and as such, we actively participate in the Official Association of Industrial Property Agents because we believe in it, but Abril Abogados is much more, encompassing more services that you can learn about by browsing our website.

What characterizes and differentiates Abril Abogados from other firms and law firms in the sector, in short, our added value, is our mixed nature and the high preparation of the personnel who work with us: from the beginning, we have sought to combine the provision of services Legal advisory and legal services with registry services, guaranteeing a complete and coherent service in all its phases.

The continuous legislative and procedural development experienced in this field requires constant training and updating, only achievable with a serious and responsible commitment.

This permanent improvement in human capital, together with the constant review of technical resources, is what allows us to provide a responsible and high-quality service.

This permanent improvement of our human capital, together with the constant revision of our technical resources, is what allows us to provide a responsible and high quality service.