Types of Trademarks

tipos de marcas
There exist different types of Trademarks to apply for:

  • Word mark: only the denomination is protected
  • Word/Device mark: both the denomination and the logo are protected so that the registration constitutes an indivisible set
  • Device mark: In this case, only the graphic element in which the mark consist, with no text at all, is protected.
  • 3D mark: It protects the shape of the specific product i.e. the peculiar shape of a container.
  • Position mark: those in which the registration a particular position of a graphic or 3D design is sought. What is protected is not the shape of the product or the model but the exact position of the model or shape in the product.
  • Olfactory mark: Those that are perceived by the nose, i.e. a smell or a scent. The main problem with these marks is their graphic representation.
  • Sound mark: The main characteristic of these marks is the reproduction of sounds.