February 11 International Day of Women and Girls in Science

As we well know, industrial property protects scientific innovation by granting exclusive rights that prevent its use without authorization by the owner. The link between industrial property and science is, therefore, undeniable.

UNESCO stated in 2015 that February 11 was the International Day of Women and Girls in Science to inspire and promote women’s and girls’ participation in science, as well as to obtain gender equity.

A few years later, emerged the campaign “No More Matildas” to try to fight against women discrimination in the fields of science and technology and get to know women discoveries that were made invisible by the mere fact of coming from women. Matilda Josly Gage was the first activist of women rights, to denounce it, highlighted the injustice of systematically ignoring the findings of brilliant women scientists that were taken by a fellow male researcher or to their husbands.

The objective of such campaign is to draw our attention to the lack of female presence in science and consequently in educational materials to promote girls to choose science degrees and have a mirror in which to see themselves reflected. In Abril Abogados we promote inclusion, diversity and gender equity, without ignoring meritocracy and we celebrate February 11, because talent has no gender.


Patricia Revuelta

Attorney at Law