New fee reduction of 30% in EPO applications

The new fee EPO´s fee system takes effect on 1 April 2024, being those fees modified upwards; however, a new 30% reductions in fee payments for European Patent applications and EuroPCT applications have also come into force, regardless of their filing date, when applicants meet a serie of requirements.

This new 30% reduction applies to filing fees; European search fee; Examination fee; Designation fee; Granting fee; and Annuity fees.

 Applicants that can request this reduction are:

Physical persons;

Micro-entities (less than 10 workers and an annual business volume of no more than 2 million euros)

Universities, Non-profit Organizations, and Public Research Organizations

It must be taken into account that if there are multiple applicants, everyone must meet the requirements indicated above; and in the case of micro-entities, it must be demonstrated and accepted by the EPO, and if it is not accepted, the EPO would claim the difference.

This reduction is cumulative with other already discounts provided by the EPO, for example, the 30% reduction in the filing fees when applying for a European patent in a language of any CPE country that is different from one of the 3 official languages ​​of the EPO.


Calos Baños

Patent Department