The fight against counterfeit products remains a major challenge for IP right holders.

The specialization of the professionals of the firm who work in this area enables to develop strategies in order to neutralize and remove counterfeits products from the market. Our experience shows us that the police actions often respond with effectiveness expected to the needs of right holders, although that kind of actions are not the unique solution.

Our services in this area include, among others:

  • Development of anti-piracy strategies.
  • Consulting, processing and assistance in police actions directed by units specialized in crimes against Intellectual Property.
  • Interventions in countries of origin, where counterfeits goods are manufactured.
  • Processing of criminal and civil court proceedings.
  • Assistance in the destruction of counterfeit goods.
  • Market research for the detection of infringements of intellectual and industrial property rights.
  • Cybersecurity, research and actions in the digital environment.
  • Coordination with Private Detectives and experts.
  • Dismantling organized crime networks.