Scope of Protection designs

Ámbito de protecciónNational Design: This design is applied for before the Spanish Office of Patents and Trademarks, grants exclusive rights to its owner only for Spain, and may be requested for each design, up to 50 variants whenever they refer to products belonging to the same class of the Locarno International Classification.

Community Design: Community Design is applied for in the European Union Industrial Property Office (EUIPO) and grants its owner exclusive rights in all countries of the European Union. Moreover, as in the national design, in the same application can be requested up to 50 variants, although in this case the application fee is high.

International Design: The International Design is requested before the World Intellectual Property Office (WIPO) and consists of the extension of a pre-existing design to certain countries that are part of “agreement and / or the Madrid Protocol”.

Design in any country of the World: Abril Abogados has an extensive network of local offices in all the countries of the world, so we can apply for designs in any country in which our clients are going to operate, setting the correct protection strategy in each of the countries of interest.