Social Networks

Redes SocialesOur legal services related to social networks have a double aspect:

Social network creation

We provide legal services for the creation of a social network. For this purpose it is mandatory to have the following accessible at the social network:

Terms of use of the social network: These terms are essential for the functioning of the social network since the user is informed on the uses to be conducted, whether it is a public profile or a private profile. The same conditions establish the limits regarding the use of the social network, rights’ ownership, photographs, etc.

Privacy Policy: This section provides the user with the information needed to use its data and publications.

Legal warning: Like any website, it is necessary that the social network has a Legal Notice in which users are offered all information concerning the esponsible for the social network.

Breaches in social networks

This second aspect refers to the uses of third party brands in social networks. The main services are the recovery of the profile. These services consist of the claim to the corresponding social network for the recovery of our client’s profile, registered by a third as a profile.

Other services in this area consist of the uses of our clients marks, and the corresponding claims that must be initiated before the social network itself, against a possible infringement of IP rights.