Technological Intelligence

Inteligencia TecnológicaThis service aims to inform, position and target the trends on certain technologies in various fields. Our clients may require this analysis to guide their decisions and strategies regarding R+ D+ I policies, strategic alliances, competition studies and, in general, knowing the position of a particular technology at a specific moment.

Our patent department allows to organize and analyze the collected information that can be used, either in detailed reports to know the specific state of a technology in its closest environment, or in follow-up reports when the surveillance of a specific object or activity has been the object of the contract.

For those purposes, we take the following steps:

Establishment of the state of the art from a specific date

Issuance of Positioning report

Continued communication of news in the field subject to surveillance, from the established date onwards

It is worth noting that our services include the periodical sending of communications to our clients, informing about the publication of third parties’ new patent applications in the same field of activity.