Types of Patents

tipos patentesElectromechanical

It is one of the widest sectors in the field of patents. In order to provide an adequate service, we have technicians specialized in the electromechanical sector allowing a more than fluid communication between inventors and technicians. Apart from these drafting patent application services, there is no doubt that the drawings on which the patent is based are also basic for the invention, which are also included in the written description.

Chemicals, pharmaceuticals and biotechnologicals

This type of patents is the order of the day, having shown that in these sectors patents are an intangible asset, which sometimes has a lot of value. Our patent department is made up of specialists in Biotechnology, Chemistry and Pharmaceuticals in constant communication with laboratories and companies duly specialized in these sectors, which allow us to offer our clients an added value when implementing the results of an investigation in a patent.

Software patents

Even if Article 52 of the European Patent Convention maintains its exclusion from patentability, in the current practice, since 1986, the European Patent Office (EPO) has granted protection for computer-implemented inventions that meet certain characteristics.

However, the EPO’s patent granting requirements continue to exclude from patentability the mere mathematical formula (algorithm) of a computer program, and up to date, only allows the registration of inventions where software is the main element and performs a technical process or with specific and detailed technical characteristics.

This is referred to as the “technical effect requirement” which although it is not literally entitle to describe a technical effect, it comes to say that the program must perform some kind of function rather than interactivity with the hardware produces a palpable and noticeable result, beyond the mere electronic effect resulting from its execution.

Having a specialized patent software technician at the time of writing the patent description is essential, firstly to assess the patentability of the software and secondly, to write the patent description in the most convenient way to try to overcome any issue regarding the to its technical character.