Páginas WebIn general, the mere fact of having a web page does not imply that you must comply with the Information Society Services Law (LSSI). What determines the one in charge of the web is compelled to comply with the LSSI is that it is considered service provider. This consideration must in the broadest sense, since websites that do not comply with the LSSI may be sanctioned. The mere offering of products or services through the web imply that the responsible could be considered provider of services. This is the reason why in Abril Abogados we consider advisable to always include a Legal Notice.

We help the clients by drafting the Legal Notice that incorporates all the necessary requirements to comply with the LSSI.

In addition to the Legal Notice, when personal data are processed, we set out the privacy policy to be accepted beforehand as indicated in the Organic Law on Data Protection,

The most important aspect of the privacy policy is to determine the purpose for which the data will be used and the way in which consent for the processing of data is collected for purposes other than those initially collected, such as its use or the sending of commercial information.

The use of Cookies should also be analyzed from the legal perspective, having to comply in a specific way all the existing legislation in this matter